Pad Thai Noodles


You will need:

1 box Pad Thai brown rice noodles [Annie Chuns are good]
1 TBSP oil [olive oil or light oil with a hint of toasted sesame oil]
Crushed garlic 1-3 cloves [your preference]
1 TBSP freshly grated ginger or so
Add 3 TBSP soy sauce [low sodium if you wish]
Add ¼ c hoisin sauce
1-2 TBSP Slap Yo Tongue Hot Sauce [to taste, cause it’s caliente!]
¼ c pasta water or some chicken stock [to thin]


1. Cook Pad Thai noodles as directed but al dente and then rinse slightly in tepid or warm water and drain.
2. Meanwhile, make the sauce as follows:
• Lightly sauté oil, garlic and ginger until aroma is present 1 minute or so.
• Add soy sauce, hoisin sauce, Slap Yo Tongue Hot Sauce and pasta water/chicken stock to thin.
3. Simmer down for a few mins and then add pasta and coat with sauce. Finish heating through for a minute or two and serve.

*Top with toasted sesame seeds if you wish and fresh herbs or chopped green onions.


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