I recently purchased your bottle of Slap Yo Tongue hot sauce, and I have to say it’s the best hot sauce that I have come across in many years! I am a fanatic about spicy foods, hot peppers, and hot sauces....in fact I have been a “Chili Connoisseur” for many years and have won several Chili Cook-Off contests, because I use a blend of peppers and hot sauces to give my chili that extra kick....not too hot...not too mild, but that nice slow burn that makes you want to eat more. I have to say that Slap Yo Tongue is like that of my chili....it’s not too hot...not too mild and you just can’t stop eating it! Upon my first bottle of Slap Yo Tongue, I tried out the sauce by putting it directly on a tortilla chip, and I simply loved it! My wife was watching me put this sauce on a chip, and thought she would try the same....needless to say, the bottle was nearly empty within 15 minutes because the sauce becomes so addictive that you just want to eat more! The sauce has a unique great flavor to start with, but it also has a thicker consistency than other hot sauces on the market, making Slap Yo Tongue more versatile when you simply want to just add some heat to whatever you are cooking or eating! Needless to say, I have found my favorite sauce with Slap Yo Tongue, and will be using this fantastic sauce in my famous chili, add it to my salsa, or just plain consume it with a bag of tortilla chips....I just can’t get enough of it!

  • Hugh Wilson

There are a lot of hot sauces that claim they are hot but Slap-yo-Tongue not only slaps yo tongue with heat it also slaps yo tongue with a full robust flavor that adds life to any food or meal.  I add it to my eggs, use it as a dip, and I add it to any marinade or as a marinade alone. I took a bottle to work and asked my co-workers to try it and since I have not seen the bottle but I have had a number of requests for bottles.  I alone have gone through a number of bottles since it has been released and I plan to never stop using it. Try this hot sauce and your tongue will thank you.

  • Thomas Lane


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